Fabric Resources

Image Credit: Henry Bertrand

Image Credit: Henry Bertrand

Fabric retailers in Glasgow, include: Shanazia on the South Side of Glasow, 607-611 Cathcart Road Glasgow G42 8AD, there’s ample parking across the road, click on the following link for a map.  They have a good range of silk chiffon and satins and also polyester based fabrics – if you tell them you are doing the ‘Luxury of Labour’ dress making workshop at Che Camille you should be able to negotiate a discount. Normal opening hours are 1 – 7 pm, but best to call prior to going just to make sure they are open: 0141 423 0012. Mandors, Remnant Kings and John Lewis in the city centre both stock a wide range of fabrics including cotton/lycra and viscose/lycra jersey.

In terms of meterage you will need approximately, 3 metres of fabric 125 cm wide if you are doing a sleeveless dress and 4 metres 125 cm wide with sleeves. As suggested if you want to wear your toile – and why not? a good fabric to toile in is liquid satin (100% polyester) £2.99 a metre from Mandors and it is available in a wide range of colours. Just remember when buying your toile fabric it will need to be as close as possible to the fabric you are going to use for your final dress.

We will post further fabric resources including online retailers and how to reclaim/recycle vintage fabric, digital printing and also sources for extra wide fabrics.


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