Dress Making Workshop #3: Agenda

Week 3:  This week we aim to complete your paper pattern and toiles.

We will be swapping the groups. Group A who did the sewing introduction last week will focus on paper pattern cutting and making your toile.

Group B will be sewing and finishing toiles and if required an introduction to sewing techniques.

Those of you who brought sewing machines last week – if you could bring them again – this should keep everybody sewing!

Summary of what to bring: Week 3

  • Sewing Machine (if you wish to use your own machine)
  • Fabric Scissors if you have them (we will also provide scissors for your use)
  • Toile Fabric and matching thread (N.B. if you are planning to overlock you will need x4 bobbins)
  • Paper pattern and measurements from previous week if applicable
  • Final fabric if you have it already (you will need your final fabric for the beginning of week #4)

4 responses to “Dress Making Workshop #3: Agenda

  1. Hi Victoria,
    Great Find! I think the second link: Ref. Vintage Laura Ashley Violet Pansy Floral may be best as it has a viscose content and therefore will drape better – although it is a woven fabric and not jersey.

  2. Thanks, I think i might just go for it in that case. Ive searched for a good jersey but just cant find anything. You think 2.5 mtr will be enough?

    • Lynn-Sayers McHattie

      Hi Victoria,

      Yes that should be enough, as it is fairly wide; we can modify your toile to the final fabric on Sunday.
      Look forward to seeing it – it looks great!

      Best Wishes

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