Dress Making Workshop #4: Agenda

Week 4:  This week we will complete your toiles and any final adjustments prior to starting on final dresses!

Those of you who brought sewing machines last week – if you could bring them again – this should keep everybody sewing!

Summary of what to bring: Week 4

  • Sewing Machine (if you wish to use your own machine)
  • Fabric Scissors if you have them (we will also provide scissors for your use)
  • Final Fabric and Matching Thread(N.B. if you are planning to overlock you will need x4 reels of matching thread)
  • Any ancillary materials e.g. for embroidery/applique etc.
  • Paper pattern, measurements and toile from previous week

Any questions or clarification, don’t hesitate to ask!


6 responses to “Dress Making Workshop #4: Agenda

  1. Hello
    I was just wondering as I missed last week if there’s anything I need to do/get?


  2. I have all the parts for the belt cut out and some stiff interface to go into the middle bit.
    Do I need to stitch the edge of the fabric to stop it from fraying if it’s going to be on the inside of the belt? And do I sew the three parts of the one side together and then join them like a front and back?

    • Hi Stephanie,
      It would be good if you could stitch edges; for your black belt if you have a zigzag stitch on your machine this may suffice – but for your ‘tie’ belts as they’re silk and will be one off pieces you would be better to overlock – you can bring them on Sunday and do that then. And yes sew right sides together leaving an opening so that you can turn outside in i.e. right sides out and top stitch. Hope that helps! Any more queries; just ask!
      Best Wishes

  3. Fantastic, I didn’t know about that up to now. Thanx!

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