Dress Making Workshop #5: Agenda

Week 5:  Sadly, this is our last week! so we will be pushing ahead to finish your dresses!

Those of you who brought sewing machines last week – if you could bring them again – this should keep everybody sewing!

Summary of what to bring: Week 5

  • Sewing Machine (if you wish to use your own machine)
  • Fabric Scissors if you have them (we will also provide scissors for your use)
  • Final Dress and Matching Thread (N.B. if you are planning to overlock you will need x4 reels of matching thread)
  • Any ancillary materials e.g. for embroidery/applique etc.
  • Paper pattern, measurements and toile from previous week

Also, I would really like to document the process to post on the blog as you have all created fabulous work; if you could bring your 5 loved objects and mood boards with you as well that would be fantastic – there wil be a photographer at the workshop, so we don’t lose any precious time finishing the dresses!

Any questions or clarification, don’t hesitate to ask!


One response to “Dress Making Workshop #5: Agenda

  1. I was looking up Disposable fashion and found this rather interesting article about dresses that dissolve in water. Just though I’d share it.


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